How to win in Roulette! Tips and Tricks!

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For years now, roulette has been one of the most played table game, and second after slot machine globally. The reasons vary from one player to another but it all comes down to the simplicity, fun, and different betting options.

The game exists in different forms and colours but they are all categorized under the American, the popular European and the unique French roulette. With the introduction of online casinos, there are now different, enhanced versions of this game, which players can play at their own convenient time.

Despite the different formats and reasons for playing, playing roulette involves the same rules; which are extremely easy to learn and master. However, there are some player who have played it for a long time and have mastered other unique aspects of the game.

In this brief roulette guide, we are focusing on the best way to win money for newbies, particularly looking at the rules involved in playing the game and how to win at roulette by giving you a number of useful tips.

Rules of Roulette – How Do You Play The Game?

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There are various types of roulette bets – which are broadly categorized into the outside and inside bets. What the outside bets mean is that you shall be betting on the outside section of the roulette table, while the inside bets mean you shall be betting on the inside section of the table.

The outside bets normally cover a few sections including the following:

  1. A group of numbers – The section indicated as the 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36
  2. Columns – A section that is indicated as 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36
  3. The last section is the red or black section. So basically when you are betting on a red colour, you mean the ball will have to land on a red for you to win.

As for the inside bets, they normally involve all the numbers on the board. It could be a single number of a group of numbers laying together on the board. Since you are betting straight on a number to show up, the inside bets are difficult for players to win and thus reward better!

Placing Your Bets

Placing your bets is as easy as follows:

  • If you are playing live roulette, wait for the dealer to spin the wheel and you choose the exact region where the ball will land after the spin. If your prediction is correct, you win. If not, you lose.
  • If you are playing online or mobile roulette, just choose the bet amount by clicking on the chip that corresponds to the amount, then moving your chip on the roulette table on the screen and clicking on the spin button!

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Best Winning Strategies To Win

The best way on how to win money at roulette is first understanding the basic concepts mentioned above. You have to know which bets pay out well, compare that with your bankroll and then play. You also have to understand the different odds, bearing in mind that the higher the odds, the lower your chances of winning the bet. Once you’ve mastered all these, you’ll then focus on some of these tips, which should help you win – occasionally.

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How to Win at Roulette

  • Play for free – Different online casinos have what is referred to as the play money option. This is an option for every player who wants to try roulette for free before starting to play using real money and as such, it’s advisable to fully exploit it.
  • Have a bankroll strategy – A bankroll strategy simply means you have a plan to manage the money you are using to play. Remember, the longer you remain at the table, the chances of you winning eventually.
  • Play online instead of the land based casino – The reason for this is straightforward: online casinos give bonuses and other free credits as compared to the land based casinos. Using the free cash, you can easily play and win real money.
  • Choose online casinos with a history of offering legitimate services – However much you want to play online, it’s important you choose a website that’s legitimate and one with a clear record of auditing their games for fairness. This way, you are assured that all the results are a true representation of what you’ve really gotten.
  • Choose the European over American roulette – As already mentioned, they are the two popular versions of roulette. However, the European has a single zero while the American has a double zero. The double zero gives the house a higher edge as compared to the single zero, meaning your chances of winning while playing European are higher as compared to the American.

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