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When it comes to playing casino games, it doesn’t have to always be about cards and felt or the levers of the slot machines and sirens of the machines as they payout! No! There’s always another game that most people overlook, and it’s equally as exciting and more satisfying to play; this game is the classical Bingo.

Irrespective of your age, your location or how fast you are at learning new things, Bingo is a captivating, easy to learn and very fun game to play. In fact, if you look at the Bingo players, you won’t fail to notice how happy they are, especially when someone is shouting the ‘Bingo!’ word.

Naturally, the game is played at Bingo social halls, but with the increasing demand, the game is slowly switching to the online casino scene. With this gradual shift, there have been more and more features that have been introduced to make the game more lucrative and exciting, most notably the Bingo Bonuses. In addition to acting as an incentive for signing up at the Bingo Sites, it also enables you to try the game free of any charges.

Given the popularity of this classic casino game, we are going focus on three main areas of Online Bingo:

  • Quick overview of the different types of Bingo Bonuses and their advantages
  • How to claim these bonuses
  • How to play Bingo online
  • How to find the best Bingo Sites to play Bingo Online

Some ardent gamers still hesitate to replace the traditional hall games in favor of online bingo, the old-fashioned one does not have as many exciting benefits. In addition to all of these amazing features, you can make so much money playing online, earning more than what traditional slots offer. How is this possible? Following the straightforward rules will help you hit the jackpot.

How Do You Play Bingo Online?

There are different variants of the game online – The American, European and UK – but the rules of play are pretty much the same. If you’ve never played it before, here’s how to:

  • At all Bingo sites, you and other players will be given the cards consisting of a grid of five rows and five columns. Each of the rows will be filled with numbers, while the columns will be filled with any of the B.I.N.G.O letters.
  • A number and letter will then be called, and you’ll be required to mark it off in the corresponding box on the card that you’ve been given. For instance, if I-12 id called out, you will have to first locate the I column, then cross out the box with the number 12. The main objective is to get a pattern of the previous-specified pattern.
  • If you achieve this pattern, you just yell Bingo, and you take the winnings!

Online Bingo Game Rules

The rules are pretty plain-sailing. You can start by purchasing one or more cards to improve your winning chances, or you can even buy a full strip of cards, so you have a chance to hit the jackpot. The Bingo games fit all types of player’s budget with each player being given a chance to walk away smiling after clinching handsome rewards and this is done without discrimination. Players should get ready to be amazed by some of the popular games such as the 90 Ball and the 75 Ball Bingo. Investing in buying the tickets on the Bingo sites is equivalent to reaping some of the best benefits in the Bingo games.

The 5×5 grid is the most common card, and it has five columns, with the first column under ‘B’ displaying numbers from 1 to 15 while the second column under ‘I’ displays signs from 16 to 30. The third column has numbers 31 to 45 under ‘N’, the fourth column has numbers 46 to 60 under ‘G’, and the fifth column has signs 61 to 75 under ‘O’.

While it is a norm for a caller to call out the numbers in a live hall, you can mark the number yourself, or it may be marked automatically playing online Bingo on the best Bingo sites. When a number appearing on your card is called, you are required to mark it. You would win when you are the first to get five numbers marked off vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or in a winning pattern already structured by the game.

Types and Variations of Online Game

30-ball Bingo

Also referred to as speed bingo, this game type is typically fast and an ideal option for players who want to wrap up their gameplay in no time. The card used in this game type is very small, accommodating only three rows and three columns. Although 30 numbers are called while the game lasts, you are required to mark off all the squares on your full house card.

30 ball bingo image

75 Ball Bingo

The player should buy the 75 Ball Bingo tickets to enjoy the benefits that come with this game. The players cover the numbers which are called out randomly by the caller as part of the rules. The more the players that play the game, the more the prize will increase. The winning patterns are endless in this game. The first player who manages to cover the set patterns on his or her cards wins the game automatically.

75 Ball Bingo

80-ball Bingo

This is the middle ground or interface between the 75-ball and the 90-ball bingo. There are 16 squares in this game type, with four squares down and the other four across. Every column has a unique color to make it easy for you to identify the numbers on the card.

Each strip has 5 different cards, with numbers from 1 to 80 possible across all the cards. The casino determines the winning pattern, so it would be ideal to check to ensure if the pattern is a regular line, triple line, or some other pattern.

80 ball bingo image

90-ball Bingo

Although this variant has its origin rooted in the UK, it is now popular in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. The numbers on the card are arranged in a 3-row, 9-column pattern, with each row containing four blank squares and five squares with numbers. Unlike the 75-ball column, the numbers here are placed randomly, which means focus is required to find the card numbers. Once you buy a ticket, you can hop in the contest. Numbers are generated randomly through a random number generator. Players who have won are chosen when the random numbers appear on their tickets. The winner who will get the first place is the one who covers a one-line pattern. The second winner is the one who manages to include the 2-line pattern. The third who is the ultimate winner covers all the three line found on the ticket.

90 ball bingo picture

Hit the Jackpots!

The bingo rooms have innovative features that enable the players to win bonuses and prizes. The modern Bingo sites have a modern, colorful theme which is very welcoming. The theme is not intimidating, and this is a perfect feature that fits the new punters. Pounce on the big jackpot wins on the bingo games.

The regular rewards are appealing, but the jackpots bring a different feel. While some jackpots assume standard roles in the game with daily payouts, the casino has other progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots yield really huge prize sums. Hitting a first prize worth up to $10,000 is hardly surprising, as the jackpots can accumulate even bigger prizes. Since each casino may have different jackpots, be sure to confirm the presence of a progressive jackpot with your bingo sites.