Online Roulette

There are some online casinos that allow you to play for free and at the same time for real money. Depending on your preference, choose the online casino you want, i.e. one you can play for free, one you can play for real money or one you can opt to play for free or for real money. Below you can find online casino for your taste.

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Why Play Online?

Roulette is undeniably the most popular table game in both online and brick and mortar casinos. Invented back in the seventeenth century by a French scientist, roulette has managed to remain a relevant indulgent for millions of gambling enthusiasts across the globe.

The game started in France and later spread across the globe during the French Revolution. This spread led to the creation of another variant of the game. Of all the versions that were developed, European and American types stand as the most popular of them all. The European version is the most preferred because of the existence of only one single zero pocket, as opposed to the inclusion of a double zero pocket as is the case with the American version. The use of a single zero gives the players a higher advantage over the house.

There are generally two reasons why people play roulette online.

  • The first reason is that there is a misconception among many players that this is a simple game, so most of the casino beginners choose to play the game because its ‘simple’.
  • The second reason is that it has better odds than other casino games. While the odds of betting on other games can be as high as 1 to 100, 1 to 1000 or even 1 to 1,000,000 in roulette when betting on a single number it’s I to 38/1 to 37 depending on the roulette-type you are playing. If you are to choose two or more numbers, the odds will significantly decrease hence increasing your chances of winning.

Like other table games, online roulette is not a game that can be subject to bonus promotions because of the rules. In other words, there are not many campaigns specially organized for this game. However, if you are using mobile apps, you can still find promotions like mobile roulette no deposit bonus. Likewise, it is possible to use the advantages you get with general campaigns, such as no deposit bonus, to play it. Here are some examples of online casino promotions:

How to Play online?

The objective in roulette is to correctly predict the numbered box that the ball is going to rest in when the wheel stops spinning. A casino roulette wheel has 36 numbers that are evenly split between the red and black colours. The numbers, however, are not organized in chronological order nor reverse chronological order but they are systematically randomized.

When playing online, you need to have at least basic knowledge about the roulette table strategy. This is essentially a strategy which spells out how you should play. It’s applicable to both gamblers playing at land-based casinos and those playing at online casinos.

The roulette table strategy is as follows. On the table where the wheel sits is a section in grid normally facing the direction of the croupier. On the grid are three columns of twelve numbers. Everything on the grid corresponds with everything that is on the wheel.

Depending on the table/casino you are sitting on or playing at respectively, its either you will have a green zero (or double zero depending on the type of roulette you are playing) on one side and ‘Black and Red Diamond box’, ‘Odd’, and ‘Even’ buttons on the other side or one on top and the other below i.e. the green zero and ‘Black and Red Diamond box’, ‘Odd’, and ‘Even’ buttons.

Here are some tips and tricks:

  • The bet types listed in the last three rows of the table above offer the highest winning chances. We recommend that you do not deposit money to any options other than these. In this regard, never place a straight bet.
  • Systems like “Martingale” do not work at all. This is a game entirely based on luck, and you cannot use any strategies.
  • Online roulette is more advantageous because you have access to various screens like statistical information.
  • Play free versions first to understand the rules and the game.

Types of Roulette Bonuses

As is the case with most popular games, the game has some bonuses that are dedicated to rewarding its enthusiasts. Roulette bonuses can be offered in various kinds including:

  • No deposit bonuses – The roulette no deposit bonus is offered once a player signs up in a casino. This bonus can also be used in other games offered in the casino. However, some establishments restrict its use to one game only.
  • Welcome bonuses – The welcome bonus package is usually offered to gamblers when they first register with a casino and make a real money deposit. It is offered in the form of a match promotion and is sometimes accompanied by free spins. In most cases, the welcome bonus can be used on all the games offered in the casino. However, gamblers should be keen on the wagering terms presented: this is because, many a time, table games offer among the least contributions to meeting the wagering requirements. Gamblers should ensure that the wagering terms can be met and that they won’t end up with little to no winnings.
  • Cashable bonuses – This type of bonuses can be offered exclusively to roulette players depending on the casino of choice. Cashable bonuses are offered in the form of real money and can be cashed out. However, the terms and conditions have to be met first before any withdrawal can be made.
  • Sticky bonuses – Like the cashable bonuses, these packages can be exclusively dedicated to roulette players. The bonuses are presented as actual cash for gamblers to use when placing wagers on the table. However, as suggested by the name, the amount offered is sticky, which means it cannot be withdrawn even after wagering terms are met. The bonus can only be used to place wagers until it depletes, and only the winnings made from it can be accessed.

Roulette bets

roulette guide

The common method to wager is by using the inside bets which come in four forms.

  • Straight – This bet type entails that you put your chips directly on the number you are betting on. This is to say if you are betting on number 12, you put your chips on the number 12 on the grid.
  • Split – This bet type entails that you pick two numbers as your bet. If the ball rests in either of the two numbers, you win. To place this bet, just put your chips in between the two numbers. Note, this is possible only if you are betting on numbers that are next to each other.
  • Street – This bet type entails that you bet on three numbers by placing your chips directly above the middle number. Note, you do not have to place the chips ‘on’ the middle number as this will imply you have chosen the straight bet but ‘above’ the middle number.
  • Corner bets – This bet type entails betting on four numbers. To place this bet, you need to put your chips on the intersecting lines that join together four numbers.

Apart from inside bets, there are also outside bets. Outside bets entail putting your chips on the table rather than on the grid.

There is also an announced bet. An announced bet is a bet in which you tell the croupier verbally the number/s you are betting on rather than placing your chips on the grid or table. You will then be required to ‘show’ your bet amount once the croupier acknowledges your bet.

Types of Roulette

There are generally two types of roulette, i.e. American and European/French.

  • American Roulette has 38 number pockets. 36 of these number pockets are numbers 1 to 36. 18 of these numbers are black while the other 18 are red. The other two number pockets of American roulette are occupied by 0 and the other by 00. On the wheel, no two numbers of the same colour are found adjacent to one another.
  • European/French roulette has 37 number pockets. Just like the American one, it has numbers from 1 to 36 alternating evenly between red and black. The remaining spot is occupied by one zero. This type of roulette is the one that’s preferred by most players because it has a significantly reduced house edge in comparison to the American one which makes it highly likely for a player to win regularly while playing this type rather than American roulette.

roulette types image

How to Win?

There is no single formula that will help you to win or become a pro. However, there are a number of strategies that you can employ if you want to increase your chances of winning. These strategies include:

  • Playing free games before wagering with real money.
  • Playing European/French roulette at first before moving to the American one.
  • Wager with small bets at first.
  • Try the Martingale strategy when winning.
  • Look for biased wheels.