Match Deposit Bonuses

Players are always in need of monetary casino rewards. Casino bonuses are the only distinguishing factor for great online gambling sites. Online casino players have hundreds of bonus options, but the most appealing remains to be a deposit match bonus. The casino incentive features in almost every casino and thus is the dominant bonus genre.

What is a Casino Match Deposit Bonus?

The casino gift is free money given to players on the condition of small cash transferred to the casino. The online site credits the amount following a match deposit bonus percentage. The rate at which the bonus increases can range from 50% to 500% or above of your deposit.

A regular deposit match bonus will offer 100% of your deposit as a bonus. Therefore, if you deposit £100, you receive (100% of £100), which is £100. Thus, your casino account balance will be £200, with the bonus cash. With a 50% match, the player gets (50% of £100), which is £50. Thus the deposit balance is £150.

How Do Match Deposit Bonuses Work?

After identifying a suitable offer, one must first claim it before using it.

Step 1: Find the right online casino. Websites vary in design, bonus terms, game varieties, etc. Thus, the right one is one with excellent deposit match bonuses. Choose any of the deposit match bonus casinos listed in this review.

Step 2: Read bonus terms and conditions: Evaluate the terms attached to your special cash match bonus. Ensure that you can meet the stated wagering requirements. Also, ensure the bonus adds value to your gambling experience.

Step 3: Register with the online casino: Add your information after starting the process and verify the details after it’s complete. Launch your new casino account.

Step 4: Activate the match deposit bonus: Enter the bonus code if on the issue. If not, contact customer care to initiate the bonus.

Step 5: Gamble with the deposit bonus.

After a successful claim, the casino will award you a match offer depending on your deposit amount. With a 200% bonus and a £100 deposit, the player receives £200. Thus, the player can start using the deposit plus bonus money totalling £300 to place wagers.

But, players can only bet on games present under the bonus conditions. For instance, players cannot play poker with the bonus cash if the bonus indicates blackjack and slots in the bonus terms. You also have no access to live dealer games or casinos.

Most Common Casino Deposit Match Bonuses

Most players get the offers as a first-time offer or a reload. Some online casinos sites issue multiple offers in a single package or award only high expenditure casino players. Others give simple reload or cashback offers depending on the amount deposited.

50% Match Deposit

The lowest percentage is offered to players by match deposit bonus casinos. Gamblers get 50% more of the amount deposited. For instance, if you deposit £100, you get (50% of £100), which is 50. Therefore, the player will have £150 with this match bonus. But, the percentage is low for players who love a good match bonus. The rate would mean a one-time offer, and most players get a deposit bonus in a package. For instance, an initial deposit of £100 earns you a first deposit bonus.

100% Match Deposit

The most popular amongst online casinos is the 100% deposit match bonuses. Players get an equal amount of cash as the deposit from the online casino. Some define it as a single bonus. For instance, deposit £100 and call another £100 totalling £200. An added advantage is that the casino can break down the percentage depending on the bonus limit. Also, it can be an upon time offer.

200% Match Deposit

Online casino players love the 200% bonus offer. Apart from coming in a package that is a significant thrill with the multiple deposit offers, a 200% match deposit also attracts additional free spins. Players get to partake in free cash rewards and free spins together. The online site can partition the percentage to match player preferences. A 200% match deposit bonus doubles your bonus money in a one-time offer. For instance, deposit £100 and get £200 with the double bonus.

300% Match Deposit

This special bonus is sought-after by high rollers and VIPs. It is the first high expenditure bonus for players in the UK. Players triple the amount in bonus money. For instance, if you deposit £100, you triple, adding to £300. Therefore, your deposit balance would read £400. Like the 200% bonus, players also get free spins with this specific deposit bonus. Online casinos issue a 300% bonus as a first deposit match bonus in most instances. Only new players can get the prize. Other casinos delivering this specific offer are high roller casinos.

400% Match Deposit

With such an extensive bonus amount, players face minimal restrictions with the game choice. The bonus money earned with the bonus can work on live dealer casino games. There will be no limitations for you if you decide to challenge your skills with a poker game. You can also claim the bonus in levels depending on the casino’s operations.

The 400% match bonus gives players four times the bonus amount. For instance, with a £100 deposit, you get £400 more, which means your balance would read £500. Most online sites add a few free spins to the bonus offer. Therefore, players get to experience all casino game genres for free. The only challenge is with wagering conditions. Casinos attach stricter bonus terms with high bonus percentages. Players may find it challenging to meet the wagering requirements. Thus, the bonus is often issued only to VIPs or high roller casinos.

500% Match Deposit

The offer is another VIP first deposit bonus. Only VIPs can work with such a bonus and its conditions. But, regular players can also claim the 500% bonus as a welcome package. The package will have several subdivisions with a first, second, third, or fourth deposit bonus. Players claiming this bonus are either novices or VIPs.

The 500% match deposit bonus means players get five times the bonus amount. For instance, if you deposit £100, you get £500 in bonus cash. Therefore, your casino account would read £600. Also, the bonus cap for such a bonus is always high to accommodate the large percentage.
It is important to note that the higher the match bonus percentage, the stricter the conditions for a player. Each deposit bonus level will have attached wagering conditions. Also, the timeline to meet the bonus conditions may be limited.

But, the 500% deposit bonus remains to be the best offer for any aspiring player. You get five times the bonus amount, a long time to meet wagering requirements, and, if lucky, extra free spins. Plus, the withdrawal limit would also be high with a high percentage.

Deposit Match Bonuses with Free Spins

Free cash is easy to deplete once you start playing. Therefore, casinos award players extra spin with money. Players can use the spins first and boost the bankroll before delving into the free cash. A deposit match bonus with free spins is a 200% match offer with a cap limit and 100 FS.

The number of free spins awarded varies with the deposit match offer and casino operators. You will find 500% deposit match offers, bringing you 200FS. A 50% match offer can give you 100 additional spins in other casinos. Thus, players should evaluate different offers carefully before choosing. Ensure to pick a match deposit bonus with more bonus spins number.

But, always keep track of wagering conditions. A match deposit offer with free spins may have two different wager terms: the deposit free bonus and another for the free spins winnings. Also, the free spins may have utterly other bonus terms compared to the deposit bonus. For instance, a deposit bonus expiry period may be a week or a fortnight, but free spins often get 24 hours or two days.

Common Match Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Wagering requirements are the most important to note when choosing a deposit bonus. Most casinos issue bonuses for free game time or extended gambling practices. But, casinos also give wagering requirements to ensure you use all your bonus money and winnings before a withdrawal. Therefore, players must choose a bonus with low wagering requirements but higher win potential. Thus, you can complete the terms and make a withdrawal.

Other considerations include the timeline issued for completing bonus terms. Ensure you comply with all terms before you reach the timeframe for the bonus. Also, always calculate the bonus value for any deposit and no deposit bonuses compensation. The value indicates whether it will be easy to meet the terms and earn winnings from a casino offer.

Ensure you check and review the maximum bonus amount. The match deposit bonus percentage must match the cap bonus amount. For instance, you cannot accept an offer issuing 500% with a cap limit of £100. But, if the cap limit is around £10,000, the bonus amount matches the percentage on offer!

Match Deposit Bonus vs No Deposit Bonus

Players will always choose the no deposit bonus if aligned and given alongside a deposit match bonus. The main reason is that the rewards do not have any deposit requirements. Gamblers can start gameplay and wager with free coins or spins without making real money deposits. However, both bonuses come with terms and conditions for players to meet before issuing a withdrawal request.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Match Deposit Bonus?

Always check whether the deposit match bonus casino you choose is safe. Review the online casino license. Use the provided license number to verify the legal status of the casino. Also, check for security features such as SSL encryption. Also, ensure your passwords are unique and only known to you.

Pay attention to wagering terms by familiarising yourself with the terms. You can do so through demo game versions. Know how to calculate the bonus value. Use your knowledge to differentiate great bonuses from bogus ones.

Always ask whether the bonus terms attached to the deposit match bonuses are fair or not. A realistic bonus term agreement will have an excellent maximum amount as free cash, low playthrough requirements, and great game options for players.

Frequently Asked Questions about Match Deposit Bonuses

What Casino Games Can I Play With My Deposit Match Bonus?

Players can partake in any of the casino games on offer. These include a range of online slots games, Table and other traditional card games, live dealer games, and other modern genres like Scratchies, Keno, or Bingo. But, players should check the casino bonus conditions to know which games they can play using the bonus money.

Can I Cash Out My Deposit Match Bonus?

Yes. But, players must fulfil all bonus terms and conditions. Ensure that wagering requirements are met, the cash out is within the bonus expiry period, and you meet the maximum cap on withdrawals.

Are Deposit Match Bonuses Available to New Players Only or Existing Ones?

The offer is available to any new visitor and all the casino patrons. Novices claim the first deposit bonus as a welcome offer, while patrons get reload bonuses or second and third match deposit bonuses.