Online KENO

While many see a trip to the casino as the perfect way to wind down after a stressful week, there are some definite upsides to staying in and playing online. In the landscape of casino gaming, Keno stands out as a markedly approachable and flexible game for both veterans and novices alike. Play keno for free or for real money. If you’ll like KENO you can choose the best casino for your taste here.

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UK Online Casinos where to play Keno

Entering a casino for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Between the lights, sounds, and crowds, simply deciding on a game can be a feat in and of its own. Luckily, for those who want a relaxed, simple, and straightforward approach, there is Keno.

This play has very old roots. While there exists some dissention as to how old the game is, everyone can agree that its inception began in China some millennia ago.

Since then, the game has flourished, becoming a popular gaming attraction at many casinos as well as online.

What is Keno?

Keno, in its simplest form, is a form of lottery. Winning players are determined according to a random draw, and how it matches up to the results they predicted.

At its heart, it is a play of chance; yet by letting players predict the outcome of the game, it allows them to experience a level of agency in the fate of their game.

Much of the game’s strategy comes down to how a player decides to use their money. Weighing your bet and how many numbers you want to include in your prediction changes how large a potential payout can be.

Compared to other casino games, this one is incredibly accessible. While games like
Poker, Blackjack, and Craps all require the user to learn rules and understand the Meta strategy of the game prior to playing, the simplicity of Keno means that users with little or no experience can jump right in.

The Rules of the Game

In Keno, a player wagers by picking up to 10 numbers, out of a possible 80. When a player picks numbers, they are making a prediction about what numbers will be drawn at random. When all the players have selected their numbers and placed their bets, 20 numbers are drawn.

The more matches a player gets, the higher their payout. Payouts are calculated according to the probability of matches, and how much the player wagered.

Consequently, those who choose more Keno numbers and get most of them called typically win more money. However, players who select many numbers and receive no matches can also win money, given how unlikely it is to have none of your numbers selected.

Keno can be either low-stakes or high-stakes, depending on how much the player is willing to bet. This makes for a play experience that is incredibly flexible.

Different Styles of Play

Now that you know how it works, this play should seem pretty straightforward. While the rules are pretty standardized no matter where you go, there are several different mediums through which Keno can be played.

There are four main types to choose from:

  • Casino: A classic form of the game, which takes place at a casino. Numbers are drawn by a person, rather than generated on a screen.
  • Online: Fast-paced and easy to access, online Keno can be played at home on any computer. The game’s graphics and sounds will differ from site-to-site.
  • Video:This form of the game can also be found at casinos, but may also be found at bars or events. Similar to online Keno, but takes place on stationary screens within an establishment.
  • Free: This type of the game is mostly found online. Often there are no payouts, however, some sites offer prizes. This version has the benefit of letting players learn and enjoy the game without risking any money.

The Benefits of Choosing to Play Online

Accessibility is chief among them, as online Keno is quick to play, avoids a long drive, and can fit a busy schedule more easily. It can be played in between other activities, or while you have something else on the go.

Furthermore, gaming at an online casino can be a little bit easier on your wallet, after factoring in gas, drinks, and parking. The availability of playing for free online can be attractive to those who are not willing to risk any money just yet.

Lastly, some facilities whose Keno numbers are drawn by people rather than machines run their games on a schedule. Staying online means that you get to make the schedule as you see fit.