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Things to Look for in an Online Casino

  • Speed and Security. No one wants to wait minutes for a website to load. This is why the online casino website must be coded with modern techniques and all pages must be loaded quickly. In the same way, whether you are using a desktop PC or a mobile device, you should still get the same experience. But speed is not enough: Security is important too. All pages of the website should preferably be SSL-encrypted. In addition, a license issued by a reputable institution must be used and the website must be regularly audited. In this respect, these are the most trusted and prestigious licensors in the world:
Name             Location
UK Gambling Commission England. Considered as the most trusted license in the world. Owner can operate in most of the EU countries.
Malta Gambling Authority Malta. A Very popular license because of the price/performance ratio.
Kahnawake Canada. Mostly used in the US and Canadian casinos. Given by a tribal council.
  • Higher RTP Rates. Players must be able to see the RTP rates of the games freely. Every game has an RTP rate and this shows how much you will lose in the long run. As a general rule, you should choose games that have an average RTP rate of 95%. The more this number, the less you lose. To give an example, you lose a maximum of $ 5 of every $ 100 you invest with a 95% rate. Lower rates mean you may have a problem with budget management.
  • Game Variety. Whether you are playing a slot machine or sitting on a blackjack table, you should always have options. The more options you have, the more you will have fun and profit. Note that card and table games have many variants. Likewise, slot machines must have multiple categories and themes. Also, if you prefer a place that offers highly rated games, you have more fun.
  • Bonuses. Bonus offers and promotions will affect your gambling budget positively. By finding the right promotions, you can still play with real money, even at zero budget. You can also get additional features like free spins, or earn gifts for every deposit you make. Casino bonuses include many features to help both beginners and older members. By becoming a VIP club member, you can even get invites to the activities in the real world.

With, you can see the list of the best online casinos and the most advantageous promotions you can use in them. Our experienced team regularly reviews the campaigns and informs you about time-limited promotions with exclusive codes. Thus, you will be notified of all actual bonuses.

History of Casinos

Did you know that the world’s first casino was set up in Venice in 1638? Its name is “Casino di Venezia” and it is used as a museum today. The oldest casino that is still in use today is called “Wiesbaden” and was founded in 1810 in Germany. (If you’re wondering, the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino opened in 1856, but it has a big historic prescription because roulette was presented to the world here for the first time.) When we look at online casinos, we see the year 1999: InterCasino, which is founded this year by Microgaming, is still active today and is considered to be the first example of online casinos. In any case, the real money gambling is almost as old as history itself. Thanks to archaeological excavations, we know that even cavemen used dice made of bone and played with them. In other words, gambling games are very common in every part of the world and in every culture, and have been played for so long.

Nowadays, wherever you are in the world, you can become a member of an online casino and play hundreds of games for real money. But, what should you pay attention to in order to live a problem free real money gambling experience? Let’s take a look together.