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Anyone who has had the privilege of visiting a land-based casino for any purpose be it to partake in casino gambling or just for entertainment, i.e., to watch others as they play while mixing and mingling will testify to the fact that there is a wide selection of casino games on offer in a land-based casino.

These various gambling plays that one finds in a land-based casino come in different forms and types. In most casinos, the first type of games that welcome the gambler at the entrance are the slot machines. Slot machines are those free-standing machines playable with coins (nowadays even notes).

Away from slot machines, gamblers will also get to know card games; in simple terms, card games are those that are played using cards, for instance, a game of poker or blackjack etc. From card games, casinos also offer table games; table games are essentially those played on a table for instance roulette, keno and craps among others.

As has been alluded to above, there are many gambling plays offered at online casinos, in fact, there are hundreds if not thousands. However, in spite of the multiplicity of casino games offered, there are those which are highly popular with both beginners and pros, and it is these games that are going to be detailed below.

roulette sketch Roulette poker sketchPoker video poker sketchVideo Poker
Roulette is one of the most popular casinogames, its popularity lies not with the fact that it’s the most played but rather, it’s the one game that gets the most attention from casino operators as well as other advertisers.The objective in this game is to predict and pick the numbered box or the colour where the ball is going to land in after a spin.

There are generally two types of Roulette:

  • American roulette which is not advisable for casino beginners as it has lower winning odds, i.e., 1/38.
  • European/French roulette which is advisable for casino beginners to play as it has higher winning odds, i.e., 1/37.
Poker is another popular type of game offered by casinos. This game falls under the card games branch. Unlike roulette, poker is popular among casino pros rather than beginners because it is seemingly difficult especially to someone who has yet to play the game. Poker has many variants which include straight, stud poker, draw poker, community poker and community draw. However, in all these poker variants, to win, a player needs to beat other hands (players), and this is determined by the card combinations other hands have and partly their bets (money they are using for wagering). Video-pokeris a relatively newer poker type, and it’s in many ways similar to five-card draw poker. However, the major difference between video-poker and five-card draw poker is that in video-poker a player may discard all five of his/her original cards, unlike five-card draw poker where its restricted.The other difference as with all other forms of poker is that video-poker is played against a computerized opponent rather than humans. In video poker, a player is dealt five cards (which s/he can discard in whole or partly for other cards), afterwards, the machine ‘conducts’ a draw and the player wins if his/her hand match one of the winning combinations.

Winning combinations can include a royal flush, a straight flush, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, and pair.

blackjack sketchBlackjack keno sketchCraps baccarat sketchBaccarat
Blackjack is also known as Twenty-One. In Blackjack, the objective is to beat the dealer by comparing the value of one’s cards with the dealers’. Blackjack can be played by several players but at no point will those players face each other; all they do is to take turns to compare their cards with the dealer’s cards.There are basically three ways in which a player wins:
  • A player wins if he reaches 21 counting his/her first two cards only
  • A player wins s/he has a final card value higher than that of the dealer but not exceeding 21;
  • A player wins if the dealer draws more additional cards and in the process exceeds 21.
Craps is a game adapted for the casino from street craps; street craps is that game played informally with a dice with the player betting on the outcome of a dice that’s either rolled or thrown. However, with bank craps or simple craps as it’s known in casinos, the game is actually more advanced than that. A player has to roll not one but two dice, and it is the outcome of these two dice combined which is considered when deciding if the player has won or not.

Craps is played on a table intricately designed with portions of all the betting markets a player can play therefore when placing a bet, a player simply needs to put his chips on the corresponding betting market that s/he wishes to play.

Baccaratin many ways is similar to blackjack in that a player plays against the bank, i.e., the casino in comparing his/her cards.However, there are three main differences between baccarat and blackjack which are as follows:
  • Players playing baccarat have an extremely low chance of winning against the bank as the casino has no lower than one percent house edge.
  • In baccarat, only face cards are used with the exception of Ace which has a value of one. Jack, Queen and King though used are worth zero while the joker is not used.
  • To win a player has to better the hands of the bank but not exceed 9 (unlike 21 in blackjack).

One thing to note, however, in baccarat is that hands are valued according to the rightmost digit meaning while the hand with a 2 and 3 is equal 5, it’s actually better than the hand with a 6 and 7 because the rightmost digit is 3 (from 13 which is the total of 6 and 7).

bingo sketchBingo keno sketchKeno betting sketchBetting
Bingo is a game in which players play against each other. Using a 5×5 grid cardboard with numbers randomly (systematic) written on it, players are required to look for and paint/shade/highlight the numbers called by the caller (host) as fast as they can.If they manage to paint/shade/highlight at least three (depending with the casino) numbers in a row, horizontally, diagonally or vertically, they need to shout out ‘BINGO’ so they can alert the caller who will verify and present them with the prize. To play keno, players purchase keno papers which have numbers written on them from 1 mostly up to 80 though some casinos may differ.On that keno paper, players need to pick out via shading/circling/highlighting 20 numbers. Once all players have picked their numbers, a draw is made (some casinos use a random number generator while others use a lottery ball machine).

At all casinos, if a player had highlighted all the 20 numbers revealed by a draw then she/he is automatically a winner. However, depending on a casino’s pay table, other players who fall short of reaching 20 numbers but having picked at least 15 and upwards can also win.

Recently, betting has taken a new form, and it’s no longer focusing on sport only. Via what is now known as novelty betting, gamblers can gamble on issues such as the outcome of an election (presidential, parliamentary, senatorial, council), the gender of a celebrity’s unborn child, actor who is going to star in an upcoming movie, e.g. who the next James Bond is going to be among many others.

How to Choose Your Favourite Online Casino Game

There are lots of games to choose from at an online casino as you can see. Choosing a game to play can be an overwhelming task for most as they will be spoilt for choice. However, regardless of the hundreds of games on offer, choosing an online gambling game should not be a Herculean task for anyone.

All you need to know is if you want to play games based on luck (slots) or games of strategy (table and card games), if you want to play seemingly simple (slots) or deceptively simple games (table and card games), games that require a higher bankroll (table and card games) or those that you can play at low levels (slots), games of numbers (table and card games) or the ones devoid of numbers (slots), and games with higher but rare payouts or those with lower but regular payouts.

Play in Demo Mode

Most online casinos offer demo modes of their games, i.e., casino online free games you play for free before you wager with real money. It’s important and beneficial for the player to play in demo mode for one major reason and this is, you get to learn in detail about that particular game, i.e., you learn the game rules and gameplay so that when you wager for real money you will have perfected your gaming skills for a better gaming experience.

The disadvantage is that when playing games in demo mode, you may actually hit a big win especially playing slot games but you will not be able to claim your win.

Play in Real Mode

Real mode entails wagering with real money when playing casino games. The major disadvantage of playing in demo mode is actually the major benefit of playing in real mode; when you hit a big win while playing a game in real mode, you are able to claim your win and withdraw the proceeds.

Huge Diversity of Games

There are hundreds of online casino games to choose from at any online casino. The choice is yours whether to choose your favourite from among slots, table games or card games.