Online Poker

Poker has gained its popularity in the 20th century. Since then poker is played by both professionals and beginners. Everyone can try his luck in the poker play. There are a number of reputable and free online gambling sites where players can bet and win real money. With the right skills and a little luck, online poker can be a fun way to earn a little extra. In the table below you can find some of the best casinos where you can learn, play and win money.

The best Online Poker Bonuses in UK Online Casinos

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casumo small Casumo Casino up to €1200 + 200 Free Spins Welcome Package
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Poker is the biggest online game at the moment. This is perhaps why many online platforms are working towards getting a piece of this pie because not having the game on their site is a disservice to themselves and to their clients. But casinos haven’t stopped at that. With the amount of money spent by gamers on online poker, many have opted to offer incentives as a way to attract players to sign up and play at their casinos. This is why many casinos offer the poker bonuses. And it doesn’t just end at gambling establishments offering incentives to have players join their sites, poker bonuses are great because they increase your bankroll, and you get to play your favorite game for longer. Your chances of winning big are also increased significantly.

Combining skill, deceit, and the luck of the draw, poker is one of the most popular casino games around. Known as the game of bluffing, the most talented players are able to bet their opponents not with their cards, but with their ability to deceive.

With a wide range of variants, free to play poker is one of the flagship games of today’s virtual casino. This article will serve as a guide to help you jump into online poker.

Poker basics

It might seem intimidating at first, but behind every calm and collected poker-face is a pretty simple game of strategy and luck.

In its most common variants, poker is won by the player with the “highest hand”. There is a hierarchy of hands, beginning with pairs and ending with a Royal Flush. The chart below can explain each hand in detail:

Royal Flush The five highest ranking cards in sequence, all with alike suits.
Straight Flush Five cartes in sequence, with no change in the suit.
Four of a Kind Four cards of an identical rank.
Full House Three matching cards of one rank, plus a pair of a different rank.
Flush Five cards of different ranks, but all with an identical suit.
Straight >Five cards in sequence (for example: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Three of a Kind Three cards of equal rank.
2 Pair Two cartes of a matching rank, plus another differently ranked pair.
1 Pair Two cards of an identical rank.
High Card If no players have any of the above hands, the player with the highest card wins.

While it changes from style to style, players typically take a number of turns drawing, revealing, or swapping cards until a final turn where hands are revealed. The player with the best hand wins and takes the money raised by the players’ bets.

Best Poker Online Casino Bonuses

Type Description
Welcome Poker Bonus
  • These are offered when new players sign up at the casino.
  • The establishments draw in new players using the extra cash awarded to them when they make their first deposit.
  • Most welcome poker bonuses are an amount matched to the deposit made by the player.
  • Bonus is usually a percentage of the amount made as a deposit.
  • This reward is the most lucrative of all poker bonuses.
Reload Bonuses
  • Bonuses are given to players when they reload to play the game.
  • The player is rewarded with a bonus for every time they reload their accounts.
  • The bonus can be in monetary form, money that they will bet with, or as points that they can redeem for a game.
Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • This bonus is awarded to players who recommend their friends to join the poker casino.
  • If the person recommended signs up at the casino and makes a deposit, then the player, who recommended the casino receives a bonus as a form of appreciation.
High roller bonuses
  • This bonus is awarded to punters who stake large amounts of money.
  • While ‘large amounts’ vary from player to player, and from casino to casino, there are amounts the casino considers to be high.
  • Once players stake amounts considered as high limit, they enter the high roller clubs.
  • High rollers receive bonuses alongside better services, fast withdrawals, access to exclusive tournaments, higher bonuses, amongst other benefits.

There are casinos known to offer the best bonuses for the game on the online platform. These casinos are not just great at the incentives they offer, but they are also fair, reliable, and trustworthy. It is imperative that you find poker casinos that guarantee you a great time, and they will pay out your money in good time. Their customer care needs to also be reliable.

How to Claim Poker Bonus

Poker bonuses are usually deposited into the player’s account immediately they qualify for them. There is usually no need to claim a bonus. However, you do need to meet the wagering requirements set in order to receive the money and be eligible to either using it at the casino or withdrawing it. The bonuses are a great boost to any game. Important is to read the terms and conditions so as to find out what is required in order to qualify for them. Be keen on the validity of a bonus, so it does not expire before you can fully utilize it. This is particularly important for free spins. Remember to check your email often, so you are made aware when there are promotions.

Raising the Stakes

Betting adds a further layer of complexity. The game starts with a mandatory bet, wherein all players ante up. This ensures that a small sum of money goes to the winner if the game ends early. Every turn, each player can raise the stakes and place a bet, which forces the other players to match the bet, raise it further, or fold.

This is where strategy becomes integral to how you play. Betting on a weak hand can trick your opponents into thinking you might be hiding something unbeatable. Or they might see through it entirely and take you for everything you’ve got. Knowing how to read your opponent is key to getting the most out of what you’re dealt.

The Many Faces of Poker

What separates it from other casino games is the many variations of poker games that exist. There are several different rule variants that can be played, though the most common are Draw Poker and Community Card Poker.

  • In Draw Poker, players begin the game with a complete hand of 5 cards. Each turn players can choose to swap out their card for the new one in the hopes of improving their hand.
  • In Community Card Poker, players are dealt only two cards. A number of shared cards in the centre are drawn and placed face up over the course of the game. A player’s hand is composed of both those he was dealt and the table’s community cards.

Playing Online

For those with a less refined poker-face, the anonymity of playing online can be pretty attractive. After all, if no one can see your face, no one can see your “tells”.

The quick-play nature of the online game makes for an incredibly accessible experience. Players can choose to play a quick game during their downtime, rather than travel all the way to a casino.