Casino Software

Bigger Than You Think

Did you know that casino management software is a nearly $ 2.5 billion industry? It is expected to reach a size of 4.53 billion dollars in 2018. Since 1999, all online casinos are offering their services using these programs. It’s not just them, continental casinos are using similar software too. These highly successful programs provide two things: The relationship with the customers and the management of all games on the casino from a central location. In other words, they have a vital qualification for casinos all around the world.

Let’s talk about something you might not have heard before: The companies that are coding the games are developing the programs that are used to manage the same games too. The biggest firms in the industry are like a conglomerate in this sense: Some part of the company develops games, while other parts develop software that determines how those games can be controlled. QuickFire from Microgaming is one of the best-known examples in this regard: QuickFire, the world’s first online casino software, now hosts thousands of different games and provides their rules, RTP rates, and electronic payment infrastructures.

Examples of Casino Software

As mentioned above, there are two main categories of casino programs: Customer relationship and game management. They look like two different worlds, but they are tightly bound together. Programs that enter the first group are called “Casino CRM” in short. These programs are not exclusive to the casino industry, and they mostly consist of branded software. The best known examples include programs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle NetSuite, ClaritySoft, Freshdesk, and Hatchbuck. These are standard CRM applications and they are already being used by many companies in different industries. The casino sector is no different in this respect. Although the client profile is different, their needs are still the same.

The most important software are those that are about managing games and the casino itself. These are called “CMS”. Almost every task; from rules of the game to bonus codes, payment infrastructure to fraud control, is managed by them. Some examples are:


Name Company
Synkros Developed by Konami, Synkros is mainly used in the Asian market. IT can deliver bonuses, monitor games, and generate player-based reports. It also offers additional features for Konami’s games. Synkros is used at all online casinos which work with Konami as their game supplier
KISS : International Casino Services is the developer of KISS. It is considered as the most popular CSM system in the continental casinos. Each table is controlled separately and the images from many security cameras can be processed at the same time. Because it has a web-based interface, it can be controlled from any device with an internet connection.
QuickFire Founded in 1999, QuickFire is considered one of the first examples of CMS software. It is literally a turnkey solution, because it also contains and delivers over 400 games. Every day, approximately 50,000 people use the system and 1.5 billion bets are placed each month. Not just casinos, but big sports betting companies also use QuickFire.
Bally Systems The management and supervision system used in Las Vegas casinos since 1976. In particular, it offers the possibility to manage slot machines in detail and allows to assign personal options for each player. In this respect, it is considered the oldest terrestrial CMS software in the industry.

There are also several companies specializing only in this subject, such as Advansys, Casinfo Systems, Honeywell, Dallmeier, and HCL Technologies. Every game you play is dependent on a computer software and offers flexible options. For this reason, you can play for free or for real money and switch between these options anytime you want: gives you this opportunity.