Types of Craps Bets – Pass Line Bet + Other Bets

craps table

Traditionally, craps has always been a game played communally, and to date, it continues attracting large, loud crowds and players. As such, the game will usually be the centre of attention at the different busy brick and mortar casinos.

Just to show how popular this dice game is, it has always featured in most of the blockbuster films such as Rush Hour 2, James Bond, Ocean’s 13 and The Cooler.

However, despite being one of the oldest game, and one that attracts the attention at the land-based casinos, not so many people know how to play the game. And for most of those who play it, they are not quite familiar with the different rules involved in the game.

For this reason, we have a craps for beginners guide, which should help anyone with a passion or wants to start playing craps.

The Pass Line Bet

As far as table games are concerned, the craps table is the messiest, with tens of betting boxes which tend to confuse most newbies. However, what you need to know is that learning craps for the first time is very simple because you have to put all your focus on the dice and one main wager – the pass line bet – everything else will just be the icing on the cake.

What the Pass Line Bet entails is placing your chips in the section labelled ‘Pass Line’ on the craps table. What follows next is you’ll ‘Shoot’ or roll the dice if you like. If it lands on #7 or #11, the casino pays out at even odds, and that will be the end of the road for you.

However, if you manage to land the dice on #2, #3 or #12, you shall have lost your wager. Otherwise, you establish what is referred to as a ‘Point’. This means that you will have to continue rolling the dice until you’ve won. However, if you land on #7 again, this time you lose, otherwise, the casino pays out even money.

Have You Mastered the Pass Line Bet?

If you have, it’s about time we looked at the other types of bets, but focus on the most basic ones. Without spending any more time, let’s look at the other craps bets:

  • Don’t Pass Bet – Just as it sounds, it’s a bet that is opposite of the outgoing bet. With this wager, you shall be betting against the shooter instead of betting with him
  • Come Bet – It has so many similarities with the Pass Line, except you shall only be able to place it once you have a point established
  • Don’t Come Bet – This one is the opposite of the Come Bet, and you shall be placing it after establishing the point
  • Place – Do you know of a straight wager on the roulette game? This one is much similar as it allows you to wager on the exact number you think will roll on the next dice roll. The only exception is that the number has to be before a 7
  • Place Bet to Lose – This is a straightforward wager in which you’ll be a winner if the outcome of the dice roll is 7 before any other number shows up
  • Lay – This is a wager that works on a commission, with the winner expected to predict that there will be no number rolled before 7 appears
  • Buy Bet – This is yet another bet that has a commission and works much like the place bet.

Do You Feel Like You Are Ready to Roll the Dice?

Not quite yet! You have to learn a few tips and tricks that should enable you to increase your edge over the casino.

  1. Before playing for real money, we advocate that you try this game free of charge at any of our recommended sites. This should help you familiarize yourself with all the wagers above
  2. Stake low until you have learned all the required rules. This should help you minimize losing your hard earned money. Also, have a bankroll that should help you manage your money properly
  3. Have fun while playing this game. This is the first step to winning the craps. If you think you are losing too much than you can afford, then take a break from playing the game. You wouldn’t want to bring problems to yourself or your family.