NetEnt Will Create Own Adaptation of Conan After Securing Rights

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NetEnt has secured the rights to have its own Conan adaptation. Thus, NetEnt fans can expect a new character to its slots line-up in the future.

The company is known to produce branded slots with free online slots. Currently, it has several games based on concepts and ideas from popular brands in any type of media. The recent announcement shows that it is doing it again. After securing the right to create Conan character, Net Entertainment will produce various slots based on that character in the future.

Who is Conan?

Conan image

He is a mythical hero. Conan has been the subject of many books, comics, films, and video games. This fictional character emerged in the prehistoric past from Cimmeria and lives in the Hyborian Age. It is an era after the mythical continent, Atlantis, disappeared.

The American writer, Robert E. Howard, created the character and Conan’s first appearance was in Weird Tales magazine during the 1930s. The fictional character’s story was serialized with the title “The Hour of the Wolf.” The extended version was released after the writer’s death. It has a title of Conan the Conqueror in 1950.

By securing rights to Conan, NetEnt will give the character a makeover to fit in its inimitable style. Considering Conan’s adventurous spirit, fans will expect the online slots to be filled with sorcery and swords. It will surely boost NetEnt’s portfolio of branded titles that include a wide array of genres, including TV brands and famous films.

As mentioned earlier, NetEnt has several branded titles based on films and famous characters. The selection of NetEnt slots includes Guns n’Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Vikings, Jumanji, Narcos, and Planet of the Apes, among others. The Director of Games at NetEnt, Bryan Upton, stated that the character is a brand with a fantastic history. It also comes with legions of fans around the world. The company is honored to create its own version of Conan and fans will look forward to how NetEnt will treat this mythical character.

What is in the Deal?

Arnold Schwarzenegger played Conan in two movies of the same name. The character helped him boost his acting career because of how popular Conan was. It is easy to see that NetEnt wants to create a fantasy theme that centers sorcery, swords, and Conan. But it requires a lot of work to bring the name to the wheels. After securing the rights, the company can create its own adaptation of Conan’s character, storylines, concepts, and the universe.

However, the announcement did not include information about whether or not NetEnt has the right to add movie footage. But we do know is that NetEnt will create an amazing slot machine with Conan as the main character and offer it with free bonus no deposit.

Net Entertainment always tries to make its every year better than the last. It is a huge task for the company to take this character considering its popularity. However, the announcement only shows that the company has some significant plans this year. And its fans cannot wait to play the Conan online slot machine in one of the top 10 UK online casinos.