Android Casino Platform – the best Android Casino Games!

Where Android Started

Android was created by Android Inc. in 2003 where it was later sold to Google in 2005. It became Google’s main operating system, and the first release of Android was in 2007. In 2008 the first Android-powered smartphone was released. Today this has become one of the trusted operating systems with a vast selection of developers. Android operates mostly on touchscreen devices, which is the main way the functions are performed. Some of the famous brands that have adopted this OS are HTC, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia. The device interface is user-friendly and very easy to navigate.

The gaming industry has taken full advantage of this powerful operating system. Driven by Google services, Android casino apps are one of the best entertainment structures available on Android-powered devices. The exceptional graphics and smooth performance are some of the reasons why players choose this platform. There are many applications available, some of which are for fun and others for real money. But first, you need to know how to get you started in the mobile casino.

Android casino platform

The Android Experience

You will need to choose the suitable mobile casino for your needs by accessing the Google Play Store. They have a vast selection of trusted casinos. You will need to download it onto your mobile device, whether on your tablet or smartphone as the platform is designed to adapt between the two devices. There is also a mobile online casino available for Android where you will access the site and play instantly. Create your account profile, including your payment method.

Playing in Android Casinos for Real Money

If you play in Android casinos for real money, you will have the same risk as any other real money land-based or online casino. It is important to always be in control of your bankroll and always bet responsibly. If you have confidence in the way you play, you will be able to enjoy all the bonuses of the real casinos. Some of which include, deposit bonuses, match bonuses and cash back bonuses. You can get lucky and be the one to win the massive jackpot.

The best casino applications to choose from are listed below:

    • Genesis Casino logo

– Currently in the lead of best app.

    • LeoVegas Casino logo

– With more than 450 games available, they provide a complete gambling experience through Android online casinos.

    • Paddy Power logo

– This one has a long and awaited casino app available for Android.

    • 888casino logo

– Notorious in the gambling industry providing quality games.

    • Unibet casino logo

– This app has one of the largest offerings for real money. You will be able to choose from a live casino, sports betting or standard games.

Android Games

Let us take a closer look at the games on offer for Android. You will first need to differentiate whether you are going to start off playing for fun, or if you are going to jump in play for real money. There is a vast collection in both to choose from.

Game Description
Blackjack 21 HD This game is for people that love blackjack. The easy interface and simplistic layout are easy to play and enjoy.
Casino Frenzy This has a combination of games such as slots and video poker. They provide hourly bonuses always keeping you entertained.
Lucky Numbers Keno This is a relaxing Keno game with the same features as the ones in Vegas. You can modify your layout, and it is available in multiplayer mode.
Zeus This is a very powerful slot game for real money and real bonuses. Play on Android for a sleek performance.
Party Casino This is a full casino with a variety of games available in a few divisions. Popular games are Starburst and Castle Builder 1 and 2.
Monopoly Slots It is focused only on slot applications. You can play with excellent graphics and lovely animations, keeping you entertained throughout your play.

How to Protect and Safeguard Your Android Casino

If you are using an Android application, these platforms have been designed with the utmost secure connections. Trusted by the providers and industry experts, you are also guaranteed of your safety in play when playing in an Android Casino App.

Android online casino


Real money mobile casinos operate on the same platforms that Desktop casinos do. They also provide a safe and secure connection to ensure all information is protected. However, as these connections will include the Internet, it is always recommended that you protect your hardware by having a trusted antivirus to ensure nothing is corrupted.


Always play on your own Internet connection provided by mobile data, when on a mobile device. Try to avoid unsecured connections provided by Wi-FI connections.