Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamblers

For a long time, classic gifts have been the best choice for the Christmas Holiday – a colourful sweater, a wine book, a mug, and if you are feeling likes splurging, a tech gadget. This year, make the holiday season special by offering a more personal gift that will hit home for your loved one. If you have a loved one that is a gambling enthusiast and falls in your Nice list this year, here are gift ideas to consider before the stress of the holiday season finally kicks in.

Casino Gift Cards

Casino Gift CardsGift cards are not a new present idea, especially for the holiday season, but you can make it more personal for the gaming lover by transforming it into a casino gift card. This is one of the easiest gambling gift ideas to get your hands on, and you do not have to go through too much stress to acquire one. Nearly all estimable online casinos offer this type of gifts for gamblers to enjoy, and you can make the holidays for a gamer by providing them one. Some of the gaming clubs that you can consider include 888 Casino, LeoVegas Casino, Genesis Casino, and Mr.Green. The gift can be used to gamble in the range of games offered on these sites.






Casino Slot Machine Magnet

Slot_Machine_Gift_MagnetMagnets have long been used as decorations and still adorn the surface of many metallic appliances to date. The companies behind these pieces appear to target nearly every market, and that of gambling is not an exception. Order a slot magnet for the slot machine lover to hang up on their fridge or any other place they would like. The magnet could be of miniature slot machines or quotes related to the game. Such gifts for casino lovers hardly cost a fortune, but they sure will be received as a thoughtful gesture during this season of giving.
A personal set of poker chips

Poker is the heart and soul of casino gambling, and you can bring the experience to your loved one’s home by purchasing a set of poker chips. These items can be bought at online stalls like Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, and others for as little as £4. Depending on how special you want the gambling gift to be, you can have the items personalised to suit the player’s style by engraving a message, catchphrase that they use, or even a photo of them. This gift comes in especially handy if they have a personal poker table, but if they don’t, there is no harm in throwing it into the mix.

Specialized Card Decks

Card decks are also a gambling gift direction to take if your pal already has enough chips to serve their gambling needs. Card decks are even more common to find than chips, so it would be too much of a hassle to find some. Make the most of the gift by specialising it to match their style. Bicycle Card Decks Design alterations on card decks are often made on the back of the cards, and they can hold images of their name, face, or even an element that the individual is often identified with such a nickname. Most popular brands of card deck manufacturers – Bicycle, Bee, Aviator, Tally-Ho, Fournier, Maverick, HOYLE, KEM, Dal Negro, Piatnik.

Lucky 777 Cap

Lucky 777 Jaclpot CapFew symbols stand tall as identifying factors of the gambling world as the numbers 777. Seven was first considered a lucky number in the game of craps, where rolling it on the first shot meant an automatic win. The popularity of the number bled over to slot machines, and even to date, a combination of three sevens in classic slots is considered a big win. Seeing that the number is considered so lucky in the gambling world, choosing to buy a cap for slot machine players with the numbers 777 printed on it could spell luck for them in the coming year.

Man’s T-shirts and women’s nightshirts

Your Christmas gift can also be as simple as a garment that goes a long way in telling how much thought went into its selection. If your gift recipient is a man, consider getting him a T-shirt with gambling-related drawings or writings.T- Shirt King of the Machine It wouldn’t hurt to find out what their favourite game is and have something about it printed on the shirt. You can also consider a lucky or quirky phrase related to casinos such as ‘That’s How I Roll’ or ‘King of the Machine’ placed next to related images. You can do the same for a female gambler, but consider nightshirts instead.

Mini-Slot Machine

Let’s face it – getting your loved one a full-sized slot machine may prove to be a little too cumbersome unless you are working with a big budget. If you cannot afford to take that route, consider miniature versions of the devices. Mini-slot machines cost as little as $9 on platforms like Amazon. In most cases, they come in models similar to one-armed bandits complete with a lever and three rolling reels. Some of these machines even accept pennies and other coins to Mini slot machinemake the experience as real as possible. This themed gift is sure to make your pal feel extra special by giving them a personal land-based experience.

Mini-Roulette Wheel

Mini Roulette WheelNearly every casino game comes with a miniature version that suits home gamblers, and roulette is no exception. If you happen to know an enthusiast of the game, go ahead and gift them a mini-roulette wheel this holiday season. Usually, the wheel is sold alongside one or two decks of cards, chips, and a felt. The mini-version measures typically about sixteen inches, making it ideal to be played on just about any space. The felt used in the game can also be used for other sets like blackjack and Texas Hold ’Em.

Las Vegas Christmas Cards

One gift you are sure to receive this year is a Christmas card, so there is no reason not to give one. If you choose a casino lover as the recipient for this gift, opt for one that is themed around the gambling capital of Las Vegas. Most of these cards are themed around the Las Vegas sign with messages and imagery pointing to the jolly season, which allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Invite to Casino New Year’s Eve Parties

The festive season extends up until the very end of the year, and you can make that time special for gambling lovers by inviting them to New Year’s Eve parties, especially if they are casino themed. The party could be held at home or an actual casino, so weigh your options in good time so that you can make any necessary reservations.

Casino New Year’s Eve Partie