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One of the best times to play at online casinos is around Christmas time. The reason is because of all the brilliant Christmas casino bonuses that are available to claim. Casinos typically offer all sorts of promotions and bonuses year-round, but a lot of them ramp up their offers as Christmas draws closer and try to give their players, and new ones, plenty of treats in the run-up to the big day. If you’re looking for some bonuses, you won’t have to look far at all! We have loads of them listed on our website – you’ll find some tempting offers available over Christmas that you definitely won’t want to miss out on!

Top UK Online Casino with the Christmas Bonuses 2018

What is a Christmas casino bonus?

Online casinos offers various kinds of bonuses throughout the year to attract new players and keep those already signed up coming back. Christmas bonuses are simply bonuses that are available to claim around the Christmas period. They’re typically promoted in the run-up to Christmas and are often appropriately themed. A bonus offering free spins on slots, for example, will focus on slots that are themed after Christmas. These offers, like most casino promotions, are only available for a limited time, though they’re very much worth claiming as they can boost your bank balance by quite a bit.

Which Christmas bonuses can be found?

What makes casino bonuses so good is that there are lots of different ones available. When it comes to Christmas bonuses, you’ll find there’s a great variety of them offered by online casinos.

  • An obvious one is the Christmas calendar. Inspired by advent calendars, this gives you a small bonus every day leading up to Christmas. Simply visit the casino, click on that day’s corresponding window on the calendar and you’ll find out what the offer for that day is. Calendars offer a range of special offers, but if you want to claim every one, you have to log in to the casino every day and claim the offer yourself. If you miss a few days’ offers, you usually can’t go back and claim them.
  • Prize draws are another common Christmas bonus. You’ll have a limited amount of time (usually a week or longer) to opt in and once the opt-in period’s over, a number of entries will be selected at random. There can be over a hundred winners – the position each entry comes in is determined at random. Every player who wins will receive a share of the cash prize. The player who comes in first place receives the most, with players in lower positions receiving smaller shares of the prize.
  • Many casinos put on slot tournaments. These are large-scale competitions that typically focus on one in particular. Each player who opts in receives the same amount of credit and simply plays the slot. Tournaments start and end at predetermined times – if you sign up, you simply have to play during this set time and hope to make as much money as you can. Whoever makes the most money from the slot wins the big prize, though there are often smaller prizes for those who didn’t quite beat everyone else. With a lot of tournaments, the more players there are taking part, the higher the cash prize is.
  • Then there are free spins. These are very commonly offered as part of welcome casino bonuses or as limited-time offers – many Christmas bonuses also offer them. As their name suggests, they’re simply spins that you get to use on slots for no extra cost. You can still win, even though you’re not actually paying anything for the winning spin. Sometimes, free spins are available to use on any of the casino’s slots; sometimes, they’re only available to use on select slots.
  • Bonus money is often rewarded for making deposits. You make a deposit and receive a percentage of that deposit as free bonus money. If the offer’s a 100% deposit bonus of up to £100, for example, that means that if you deposit £10, you’ll receive a free £10; you can’t receive more than £100 from this example offer, even if you deposit over £100. Bonus money is different from real money in that it can’t be withdrawn, only spent on the games. It gets converted into real money once you’ve met the casino’s wagering requirements.
  • You may even come across Christmas no deposit casino bonuses. These are bonuses that you can claim without making a single real-money deposit at a casino. They’re available for new players who haven’t signed up to the casino yet. The idea behind them is that they offer a free preview of what the casino has to offer. Once you’ve used your bonus, if you want to carry on playing you’re free to deposit real money into your casino account; if you don’t, you can play elsewhere and you won’t have lost any actual money. Another reason why online casino promotions with no deposit bonus offers are great is because you can still win, even though you haven’t deposited any actual money into your casino account.

Why read the bonus terms and conditions and what are wagering requirements?

Whenever you come across online casino bonuses, a lot of them can seem too good to be true. After all, you can claim things like free spins and bonus money just for signing up. However, with pretty much very type of casino bonus there’s always a catch. Casinos aren’t just going to give bonuses away if it’s going to mean they miss out on making money from their players.

It’s always important to have a look through the terms and conditions for any bonus or promotion. This is because in the terms and conditions, you’ll find out exactly what limitations and restrictions there are to do with the bonus and what minimum requirements there are for receiving the bonus. For free spins bonuses, for example, they’re often simply advertised as giving you X number of free spins. Read the terms and conditions and you’ll find there’s a lot more to the offer than just receiving free spins. More often than not, the free spins will be of a set, quite low value and your winnings from them will be capped. You may even be restricted to only using them on certain slots. Also, you may have to use them and play through their wagering requirements within a set number of days from the time you claimed the offer.

At most casinos, you have to play through wagering requirements before you can cash out your winnings from bonuses and promotions. A typical offer may give you up to £100 in bonus money, with wagering requirements of 35x the deposit and bonus. What this means is that if you deposit £100 and receive £100 in bonus money, you would have to wager a total of £7,000 before you can withdraw your winnings. The £7,000 is got from adding the deposit (£100) and bonus (£100) together, then multiplying the total (£200) by 35. There are, however, a very small number of online casinos that don’t have any wagering requirements at all.

You’ll find that even the top casino bonuses aren’t too good to be true. The reason limitations and things like wagering requirements exist is because the casinos want to reward players, but not just hand things out to them. It’s in casinos’ interest to make money from players, both new and existing ones, and simply handing out bonuses with no restrictions or anything like that could be quite damaging to casinos’ finances.

So with any sort of casino bonus, there will be terms and conditions that should be read so you know exactly what’s involved with the bonus and what you can and can’t claim from it. Many of the best casino bonuses for UK players are still of a great value since they have a lot to offer. Even though there may be limitations, bonuses are nearly always worth claiming.


So, if you’re into gambling online, a brilliant way to keep you funds topped up over the festive season is by taking advantage of Christmas bonuses. From casino promotions with no deposit required, to reload bonuses, free spins, advent calendars and everything else, there are loads of special bonuses you won’t want to miss out on this Christmas. If you’re thinking of signing up to a new casino over Christmas, do some looking around to find the best first deposit bonus casino offers, or even take advantage of no deposit offers to get a free preview. There are loads of fantastic festive bonuses, so don’t delay and start claiming them today!