Matched Deposit Bonus

Without a doubt, if you have spent even a fraction of your time partaking in web-based casinos with some of your real bankrolls, then there is indeed no doubt that you have probably encountered a Matched Deposit Bonus.

More often than not, there is a ton of hype which comes with these offers, because they seem to be quite lucrative for a plethora of participants across the globe. Nevertheless, it is a double-edged sword, as with every excitement comes along frustration as well as disappointment.

With that said, we shall delve into what this bonus is, and how it has successfully made the betting community incredibly animated.


For a fact, players receive Matched Deposit offers upon signing up an account at a casino of their choice and making their first down payment. Secondly, these promotions are occasionally available to the most loyal bettors. Nevertheless, these bonuses tend to take a lucrative hit, and thus, casinos seldom offer them to their current clientele. Hence, gaming sites are in business to rake in profits and not losses. As such, they only provide them as a means of luring in gamblers to register on a gaming platform and make a deposit of real cash. With that in mind, more often than not, these bonuses have steep play-through requirements thereby greatly assisting casinos to incur profits. However, if you play smart, you certainly stand a high chance of scoring some profits as well.

In this article, we shall also include the gaming websites which offer the best, Matched Deposit promotions as well as a coterie of tricks or secrets on how to utilize them to the fullest without going bankrupt.

The Key to Capitalizing on This Bonus

While these matched offers may be a tab bit more complicated than other promotions available in casinos, they are still quite easy to use. For starters, you ought to begin by keenly going through the terms of engagement to ascertain that you are in full adherence to the rules of the promotion, and hence avoid any unwarranted surprises in future. For example, is it a percentage match of 100%, 50%, 25% or 200%? The specific rates are highly essential as the higher they are, then the more money you receive for partaking in the slots and trying your luck at winning big, and vice versa.

Secondly, you should also pay attention to observe as to whether it is a bonus with multiple tiers, as this means that you will receive payment for your second, third, fourth and fifth deposit that you make to the casino. While a cornucopia of web-based gaming platforms offers three to four tiers, there is a coterie offering as much as ten, which could prove to be quite lucrative for you as the player. In such instances, participants should not have high expectations of a 100% match and above, as the more they are, the lower the ranking in the tiers goes, then the less the rate. For example, if a player receives a 200% match on the first level, then more often than not, the fourth tier may offer a ranking of 50%.

Thirdly, gamblers ought to check the rate of the play-through, as it may seem a tad bit steep for those who lack familiarity with it. Nevertheless, fret not, as this is a relatively common occurrence. As such, casinos expect members to relish in an assortment of Internet slot machines for real money as well as table games such as Roulette which have a significantly high RTP (Return to Player), during which gamblers receive lucrative returns.

Casinos with the Best Matched Deposit Bonuses

Below are some of the gaming platforms which offer the most rewarding match offers:

Betway Upon signing up at this fantastic casino and putting down a deposit, you receive a 100% match which can be as high as 1000 Euros, depending on the amount of your deposit.
Spin Palace After registration, players receive a 200% match on their first payment, which can go up to $2000.
Jackpot City Once you sign up and become a member, this site warmly welcomes you with a 100% match on your first payment, which can go up to 500 Euros.

Tips for Using This Promotion

  • Keenly go through the fine print – While an offer may look incredible at a glance, you ought to scratch the surface a tad bit deeper, during which you may unveil some ugly truths. For example, some offers have astounding play-through rates which are impractical in comparison to the size of the offer.
  • Playing the odds – While this promotion may be quite profitable, you should use it to partake in the slots which offer you a high chance of winning big, as this avoids instances of you blowing all your money on long shots while chasing the jackpots.

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