Blackjack Tips – Reasons Why You Are Not Winning

We can all agree that Blackjack is one of the very unique online casino games in that one part of it is all about strategy, while the other part is odds. As a result, the game attracts all sorts of players – including and not limited to novice players and professionals.

Regardless of whether you’ve been playing at it for years or you are just getting started, following some realistic Blackjack Tips should easily help you increase your chances of winning by reducing the house edge. And it’s important not to confuse the tips with the ‘sure strategies’ because there’s usually a big difference. Read on to discover the difference between the two.

Blackjack Tips – How You Can Reduce the House Edge in a Nutshell

  1. Know your game very well – Since there are different types of Blackjack games online, it’s important to know the best game for you. As a new player, we suggest you learn and perfect on the classic blackjack game as the best way of winning
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  2. Have a plan on how you’ll spend your money – A bankroll management plan is everything when it comes to playing blackjack. Not only will it enable you to know the much you need to spend, but it will also enable you to set your loss and win limits accordingly
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  3. Don’t be greedy – This is a mistake that most players make. Remember, the house will eventually win, so if you are on a winning streak, and you’ve managed to make some profit, walk away, and come back another day!
  4. There’s nothing like a sure strategy – There are many people who have invented sure strategies online. Some work, while some don’t but be sure that there’s nothing is a sure bet!

Before you can proceed to use the online Blackjack strategy, it’s crucial that you understand the negative aspect of strategy and avoid wasting your time on something it. Therefore, as a rule of the thumb, anything that goes against the rules, and consequently increases the house edge will certainly affect your chances of winning is a no no!

If you are an experienced players, you can always do something different from the conventional rules, but for the novice and casual players, we highly recommend that you always adhere to the game’s basic rules and strategies if you wish to make money out of it.

Reasons Why Your Blackjack Strategies Are Failing

  • You are following the bad tips – It’s a fact that the internet is filled with all sorts of tips and strategies that promise you a quick turnaround from your losses. But the truth of the matter is, most of these lousy and shabby tips have been based on slogans and myths spun by armatures – or worse – people who have no idea about blackjack.Some of these Blackjack tips and strategies are a result of math experiments that have gone wrong. Alone or collectively, they’ll work to ensure the only thing you hear of is winning – which in reality is not the case!
  • Always assuming that the croupier has a 10 in the hole – This is yet another classic mistake that most casual and newbie Blackjack players make. Most quickly assume that the dealer’s second hand in the hole is a 10, then proceed to take the uncalculated risk and realize they’ve lost. Don’t fall for this!
  • Copying what the dealer does – In some of the land based casino games such as Pai Gow poker, you can sometimes fall lucky if you try what the dealer has done. The mistake that some Blackjack do is think that this trick also works with this classic card game only to end regretting after they’ve lost.

Where to Use Blackjack Tips

Every now and again, you’ll not fail to come across a ‘Professional’ who has managed to crack a 90% workable strategy that guarantees you a win from the casino. But in real sense, all these strategies are usually aimed at selling the impracticable strategies and tips. Be warned that they’ll do more harm than good on your bank account balance.

If you wish to prove us wrong, we have a number of online casino websites including BetAt where you can try playing the game free. If the strategy works out well for you, well and good. If not, make sure you spread the word. Good luck!